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Spoken Verse

Spoken Verse is our NEW Bible reading app. The app uses three translations of the Scriptures  and after you speak the book name, chapter number and verse number. The app looks up the address and speaks the verse back to you highlighting the words in red as it speaks them.


First, select the Bible version you want to hear. KJV (King James Version), NIV (New International Version), or NLT (New Living Translation) by pressing the version button. The verse screen is shown and a START button is shown in the center of the screen. After pressing START the app will listen as you speak the address of the verse you want recited.  By saying "John Chapter 3 Verse 16" and pressing the button a second time, the app will lookup and then say the verse out loud. At the bottom of the screen is a BACK button and a REPEAT button. Pressing the REPEAT button will speak the verse a second time. To change versions press the BACK button and select a different version.

You can have a entire Chapter recited if you speak only the book and chapter number, ie, John Chapter 3, and then pressing the STOP button.

Pressing the START button lets you speak the bible address, either, bible book name and chapter number like "John CHAPTER Three" for the full chapter, or "John CHAPTER three VERSE 16" for a single verse. The button changes to STOP signaling the app is listening. Now pressing STOP will make the app stop listening and lookup your verse and say it back to you. 

The keywords CHAPTER and VERSE must be said as part of the address. "John 3:16" will not work and an error message will be spoken.

Anytime the app is speaking your verse you may press the START button to stop the speach. There are two buttons at the bottom of the screen. They let you Repeat the speaking of the verse or go Back to the first screen to select a different bible version.

Words are highlighted in red as they are spoken.

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